How to join my Live Online Division?

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1. After you have completed your registration, in main menu will see new button “MySeminars”1_How_to_join_my_Live_Online_Division.png


2. You will be able to join LIVE division by clicking on “Join” at the designated time2_How_to_join_my_Live_Online_Division.png


3. After clicking the button “Join”, in a new tab you will be asked to download the aplication for cloud conferences Zoom. Click on “Download Now” to download application and start the division.



4. You need to install the downloaded file on your computer and your division will start right after short loading



5. If Zoom is already installed on your computer, when you click Join, you will need to confirm the opening of the application to join LIVE division.5_How_to_join_my_Live_Online_Division.png


6. To connect to LIVE division from your phone you need ZOOM Cloud Meetings be installed in advance


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