Requirements for event's graphics

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Brand your event with Uventex! We can upload:


1. Your event’s logo to the event page at

It could be the league logo or the tournament logo. We recommend you to make a choice in favor of white or colorless background. This is what competitors see when searching for the event and how they can easily recognize your tourney.



2. A flyer with all the necessary information on your event's landing page.

Optimal font size: 140px for headings and the most important, and 70px for the rest of the text. Please consider that competitors mostly use our mobile version.



3. Uventex provides unique certificates design that we send to the competitors after the end of the tournament.

You can send us the certificate’s background.



4. There is also an option to prepare an Idle screen to mention all your sponsors in between divisions when the event goes live.


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