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As a promoter you are able to set discounts for your event registration. Please, follow these steps to do so:

1. Sign in to your MYuventex account



2. Click the drop down menu at the top right of the screen, hover over "My Event" and click "Discount Code"

2_How_to_Set_Up_a_Discount.png                      3_How_to_Set_Up_a_Discount.png


3. Select the type of discount: Individual or Group. Click "+Add



4. Input the desired information for the discount code:



5. You will be sent back to the "Discount Code" page where you can view, edit, or delete any discount codes you have created



6. You may also create a "Bulk Load" of discounts by uploading a CSV file to MYuventex. First, click "Bulk Load"



7. Next, select your "Discount Type," "Discount Value," "Pricing Plan Period," (if applicable) "Expiration Date" and if you would like to verify it by email. Then click "Import"


8. You can then view your discount codes from the "Discount Code" page. You may also directly email or download the discount codes from this screen


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