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Having registered for an event, use My Check-In to check in online:

1. Click on the drop-down menu in the top right corner next to your name



2. Hover over "My Tournaments"

3. Click "My Check-In"

1_My_Check-In.png 2_My_Check-In.png


4. You will see your profile information. To proceed with checking in, take a photo or upload an existing one if you have not done so already. Your photo is required in order to proceed with My Check-In



5. Click the "Pending" button below your photo in order to check in



6. Once the Pending button has switched to Checked-in, your Mobile Pass is enabled. You may also print your pass


(!) Your Mobile Pass contains your QR code.



(!) If your Mobile Pass has a Red Warning Sign, please return to My Check-In and complete steps 4 and 5.


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