How to Register My Students

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If you are a school owner, you may register your students for the events. Please, follow the steps below to do so:

1. Once you are signed in, click the drop down menu next to your name and click My School 




2. Select the "Register School" tab. Click "Add School". Our team will grant you a school access upon request. If the name of your school is incorrect, please send an email to our support team



3. Once the access is granted, you will be able to add students to your school under the "Register School" tab by clicking on +. You should request your students` permission to access the necessary information in order to register them for upcoming events


!!! (There may be some students who have mistakenly chosen your school, so please select carefully) 


4. The students may accept or reject your request for their information in their students` accounts



5. To register your student for an event, select the event and proceed with registration. You can now see a drop-down list with all approved students and may register them for the tournaments



6. If you want to check the registration status for all of your students, go to "School Registration Report"

  6_How_to_Register_My_Students.png    7_How_to_Register_My_Students.png


Here you can see all of your registered and unregistered students:



7. You may also view payment information for a selected tournament under "School Financial Report"

9_How_to_Register_My_Students.png     10_How_to_Register_My_Students.png

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